Dr Greg Taylor - plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgeon

Surgical Procedures

Cosmetic plastic surgery has evolved over the last twenty years, to become much more accessible, financially affordable, and much easier to integrate into increasingly busy lifestyles of men and women.


In the past, hospitalisation for all but the most minor procedures was the norm, and for surgery such as facelift and abdominoplasty, three or four days hospitalization was not unusual. With developments in techniques, equipment and research, shorter hospital stays and more effective recovery results are now the norm for the procedures that we carry out.

It is these vast improvements in surgical techniques, procedures and recoveries which improve your experience at our medical centre. Today all cosmetic surgical procedures with the exception of abdominoplasties, breast reductions and facelifts can be carried out as day stay with local anaesthetic and oral sedation.

Dr. Greg Taylor believes that liposuction should preferably be done under tumescent local anaesthetic whenever possible for reasons of safety and also because results using this technique are superior.

Extensive experience with local anaesthetic face lift surgery with a communicative but sedated patient, shows better quicker recovery than more conventional methods, at less cost and with equivalent results. After full facelifts carried out with local anaesthetic and sedation it is not unusual for women to be able to return to work within 10 days, and to be mobile and able to drive within 4 to 5 days.

Within our professional environment, we maintain a very personable, approachable atmosphere so you need not feel embarrassed, or feel you are being vain - we would all like to change some aspects of our appearance. This is what our business is based on. We are here to help you make the transition to the look you want to achieve.

Dr. Taylor will explain about your procedure, tell you the plus and minus side of the surgery. Sometimes photos and measurements will be taken on the day of consultation. For patients having consultations for non-cosmetic problems, Dr. Taylor will discuss a treatment plan with you. Some patients are referred by their GP, others may self-refer.

Sally (nurse) or Tamsin (practice manager) will give you some comprehensive information to take home and read as well as a quote for your surgery. The quote is valid for 6 months from that day. You can make a booking for surgery on this day or phone us later when it suits you.

We offer a full range of cosmetic procedures as listed below. The list below is clickable and you can find more detailed information on each of the listed procedures:-

We are here to help you make the transition to the look you want to achieve.