Dr Greg Taylor - plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgeon


S-liftThe effect of facial ageing in most women is to produce looseness of the neck and jaw line often in association with changes in the eye area. These changes can be effectively addressed with limited facelift surgery often called an S Lift or sometimes a skin excision facelift. These procedures are quite distinctly different to traditional facelift surgery.

First it is an operation which can be carried out under local anaesthesia with sedation or with light general anaesthesia.

The extent of the surgery is limited so it is safe in particular with regard to the possibility of postoperative bleeding or damage to branches of the facial nerves.

Looseness of the neck is directly repaired through a limited incision beneath the chin. Excess facial fat in the jaw and neck are suctioned away using fine cannulae (pipes), the deeper layer of the face (SMAS) is tightened and excess skin removed leaving inconspicuous marks about the ears.

Recovery is generally rapid and little bruising is encountered. Return to work is often within a week or so.

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