Dr Greg Taylor - plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgeon


What are the risks of undergoing a Reconstructive procedure?

Being in the hands of a qualified, certified and well trained surgeon reduces the chances of anything going wrong to minimal. However, every surgery has risks- anaesthesia and surgery related problems, excessive bleeding, infection, healing to name a few. Chances of complication increase if you are a smoker; have connective-tissue disease, damaged skin from radiation therapy, impaired immune system, and poor nutrition. During consultations your surgeon will discuss with you all the risks and precautions. Ask all the questions you have in mind and don't hesitate to come back again if you have more. While discussing your case, your surgeon will be guided by a set of rules known as the reconstructive ladder. The least-complex types of treatments-such as simple wound closure-form the lower part of the ladder. Any highly complex procedure-like micro-surgery to reattach severed limbs-would occupy one of the ladder's highest rungs. A plastic surgeon will almost always begin at the bottom of the reconstructive ladder in deciding how to approach a patient's treatment, favoring the most direct and least-complex way of achieving the desired result.

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