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EYELID LIFT ( Blepharoplasty)

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When you’re talking to someone, it’s natural for your eyes to be drawn to the other person’s eyes.  It’s the way that all people communicate, with eye contact. Tired, aging eyes make you feel less than confident in social situations.

If you have signs of looking tired or aging in your upper AND lower eyelids a “quad” blepharoplasty can be done

An eyelid lift can be done on the upper or the lower eyelids.  An upper eyelid lift mainly removes loose skin and some fat   For the lower eyelid, mostly excess fat is removed, since there tends to be more fat and not as much loose skin in that area.

Shorter Surgery with Shorter Recovery

An eyelid lift is typically done on an out-patient basis, and the recovery is fairly short.  Even with a quad blepharoplasty, the pain is moderate to minimal, and the sutures are usually removed 5days after surgery.  

If you don’t mind looking a little swollen and bruised, and you have understanding friends and work colleagues, you can be out and about within 2-3 days after your procedure.  If you work from home, you can probably talk on the phone and do computer work within 2-3 days of your surgery.  

Alone or with Other Procedures

If you just choose to rejuvenate your eyes, you will have substantial improvement of your overall appearance and should look less tired and more youthful.

If you wish, you can further enhance your facial rejuvenation by combining your eyelid lift with other procedures, including the following: Temporal brow lift / Facelift or Chin and Jaw Liposuction

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