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Surgical Procedures


LiposuctionLiposuction — also known as liposculpture — is a surgical procedure in which unwanted deposits of fat are removed. It is currently the most common cosmetic surgical procedure in the world.

Ideal candidates for the operation are usually women who are not more than 20% over ideal body weight. They will have fat deposits on outer thighs, inner thighs, and knees and a lower abdominal roll. These areas will have been difficult if not impossible to diet off.

At a preoperative consultation your expectations of the surgery will be discussed and also the ability of the surgeon to meet your expectations. A general medical history will be taken to be sure there are no untoward risks to you. The process of the surgery will be carefully described.

Most liposuction nowadays is carried out under tumescent local anaesthetic technique which was originally described by Klein. This is safe and convenient and allows most liposuction to be done in our day stay surgical facility. Local anaesthetic is usually supplemented by oral and sometimes intravenous sedation.

Once anaesthesia is established, fat – usually almost blood free – is removed through fine steel tubes called cannulae, contour is carefully checked as the operation proceeds.

Postoperatively it is usual to wear a light compression garment for three weeks.

Pain is minimal and anti-inflammatories and pain killers are prescribed for this. It is usual to be able to commence gentle exercise within two days or so of the surgery.

Good results are expected but cannot be guaranteed.

All surgical operations have hazards which will be discussed with you and put into perspective at the time of your consultation. Costs will also be discussed and these vary because of the unique situation of each individual.

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