Dr Greg Taylor - plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgeon


Are you suffering from swelling below the lower eyelids, resulting from a filler injection?

Dr Greg Taylor is becoming increasingly concerned at seeing patients with persistent swelling below their lower eyelids as a result of filler injections into the Sub Orbicularis Oculi Fat pad (SOOF).

Only recently he has had to treat three people who have presented at his clinic after having the procedure carried out elsewhere.

They have attended Dr Taylor’s clinic with swelling that has caused pain and considerable emotional distress. This procedure is carried out to improve the appearance, leaving people feeling younger and more energetic. However, Dr Taylor warns that by using an inexperienced practitioner, you are exposed to unreasonable risks or even permanent damage.

Dr Taylor recommends careful advice from a reputable Appearance Medicine Practitioner if you are considering this procedure. Using a practitioner inexperienced in facial injections can mean costly treatments and corrective surgery that will prove expensive in the long run.

Contact Dr Taylor if you would like to discuss having this procedure carried out or if you have any concerns, and have peace of mind at getting the best advice and treatment from one of New Zealand’s leading cosmetic surgeons. 

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