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Bye-Bye Botox, Hello Facelift

Botox injections have been the wonder cosmetic procedure of the noughties, trendy with celebrities and housewives alike.

But what happens when it no longer gives us the youthful appearance you want?

Botox alleviates the wrinkles, mostly in the upper part of the face, (crow's feet, forehead creases, creases between the eyebrows) giving the skin a much smoother and younger look.

But what about that loose tissue found in the lower half of the face?

Botox can't help the saggy neck and jowls that come with ageing. Only a facelift procedure can reshape facial structures and remove that extra tissue to regain that more youthful appearance.

As little as five years ago, facelifts seemed a thing of the past as Botox trended.

However, trends are changing with more people than ever before opting for facelifts.

According to the UK British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, facelift procedures rose by 14% in 2012, despite the double-dip recession.

Surgeons say this figure is the tip of the iceberg and that women are having facelifts at a younger age than ever before.

Generation X is opting for a facelift as young as 40.

Surgical techniques have greatly improved and the results gained from facelifts are much more natural now.

Facelifts also last much longer, maintaining your desired look for years.

With Botox, after three to six months the wrinkles start to return and more treatment is needed.

If you aren't seeing the benefits with Botox you were used to, or you are considering what procedure is best for you, contact Dr Taylor today for advice.

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