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50'ish? Feeling great, but looking tired?

We can help you look as good as you feel. We now propose to offer facelift surgery at $16,750, under local anaesthetic with sedation – by far the best method. The procedure includes a mid-face and neck lift, as well as muscle tightening (SMAS). The only extra is an overnight hospital stay if you desire, or it is deemed medically advisable.

Fixed price facelifts

In the interests of providing quality surgery at fair and affordable prices we are moving towards fixed price agreements for most of our cosmetic surgical procedures.

In October 2014 we established a price of $9750 for breast augmentations. This has met with an enthusiastic response. The price has been increased to $9820 to include the post op bra.

We now propose to offer facelift surgery at $16,750, under local anaesthetic with sedation – by far the best method.  The procedure includes a mid-face and neck lift, as well as muscle tightening (SMAS).

The only extra is an overnight hospital stay if you desire, or it is deemed medically advisable.

Soon we will be setting prices for tummy tuck and breast reductions. 

EYELIDS (Blepharoplasty)

In our forties, or even younger in some cases, heaviness in the eye area becomes apparent.

Not only does this look unsightly, it is ageing and depressing to look at in the mirror every morning.

As time progresses the effect of heavy lids can produce spasm in the brow area, which can cause headaches and in some cases trigger migraines.  If you look in the mirror in the afternoon, you will often notice your brows are raised and you have deep furrows across your forehead.  A lot of women will have Botulinum injections to relax their brow, which then allows the brow to drop and makes the eyelids look worse.

If you look good do you feel good?


DENVER — Botulinum toxin A, commonly known as Botox, has an antidepressive effect when injected between the eyebrows that continues beyond the cosmetic effects of the injection, according to the results of a new study.

The fact that the antidepressive effect continued after the wrinkles reappeared suggests that the elevated mood isn't just related to cosmetic improvements, which is "profound and unexpected," said study investigator Michelle Magid, MD, clinical associate professor of psychiatry at the University of Texas Southwestern in Austin.

EYELID LIFT ( Blepharoplasty)

Great Value Surgery

When you’re talking to someone, it’s natural for your eyes to be drawn to the other person’s eyes.  It’s the way that all people communicate, with eye contact. Tired, aging eyes make you feel less than confident in social situations.

If you have signs of looking tired or aging in your upper AND lower eyelids a “quad” blepharoplasty can be done

An eyelid lift can be done on the upper or the lower eyelids.  An upper eyelid lift mainly removes loose skin and some fat   For the lower eyelid, mostly excess fat is removed, since there tends to be more fat and not as much loose skin in that area.

Shorter Surgery with Shorter Recovery

An eyelid lift is typically done on an out-patient basis, and the recovery is fairly short.  Even with a quad blepharoplasty, the pain is moderate to minimal, and the sutures are usually removed 5days after surgery.  

If you don’t mind looking a little swollen and bruised, and you have understanding friends and work colleagues, you can be out and about within 2-3 days after your procedure.  If you work from home, you can probably talk on the phone and do computer work within 2-3 days of your surgery.  

Alone or with Other Procedures

If you just choose to rejuvenate your eyes, you will have substantial improvement of your overall appearance and should look less tired and more youthful.

If you wish, you can further enhance your facial rejuvenation by combining your eyelid lift with other procedures, including the following: Temporal brow lift / Facelift or Chin and Jaw Liposuction


In middle age our facial appearance begins to sag. The face takes on a square heavy look, the jawline and neck become scraggy and looking at our reflection reminds us of how we are ageing.

Hormones, dieting, sun, smoking, alcohol and genetics all play their part to a greater or lesser degree. 

Most women and men find these visible signs of ageing depressing, and often remark that if they could just pull “this area up". They will look better.

Fillers and Botulinum injections can help freshen the face, however, for the more advanced signs of ageing the only solution is surgery.

Dr Greg Taylor has perfected the local anaesthetic facelift.  This is a day stay procedure incorporating local anaesthetic and sedation. 

The lower facelift including the neck and jawline is a four hour procedure.  Some patients may wish to include the upper eyelid, and more advanced cases require a temporal brow lift as well.

The surgery takes place at our modern, onsite theatre suite at 122 Remuera Rd, Remuera, Auckland.

The process is straight forward.

Make an appointment for a consultation.

Make the booking for surgery.

Back to work in 7 – 10 days.

Click here for an appointment to discuss your facial concerns with New Zealand's expert in this specialised technique.




Bye-Bye Botox, Hello Facelift

Botox injections have been the wonder cosmetic procedure of the noughties, trendy with celebrities and housewives alike.

But what happens when it no longer gives us the youthful appearance you want?

Botox alleviates the wrinkles, mostly in the upper part of the face, (crow's feet, forehead creases, creases between the eyebrows) giving the skin a much smoother and younger look.

But what about that loose tissue found in the lower half of the face?

Are you suffering from swelling below the lower eyelids, resulting from a filler injection?

Dr Greg Taylor is becoming increasingly concerned at seeing patients with persistent swelling below their lower eyelids as a result of filler injections into the Sub Orbicularis Oculi Fat pad (SOOF).

Price Increase - April 2013

Breast Augmentations are now $13,500. From $86 per week. 
Finance available at www.novamedical.co.nz

2013 Boobjob

Facelifts more straightforward under local anaesthetic

Looking and feeling younger is now even easier when you have a facelift procedure performed by Dr Greg Taylor.

One of the most specialised areas of Dr Taylor's practice is the highly successful performance of facelifts using local anaesthetic supplemented by sedation.

More 30-somethings opting for cosmetic enhancements

Most people may associate cosmetic surgery with people in their late 40’s and above.

But it is usually in our mid 30’s that we begin to notice those first dreaded signs of aging.

So why wait until you are older to improve your appearance when you can act sooner to maintain a youthful look?

According to global trends, more and more 30-somethings are being proactive when it comes to looking and feeling younger.

Advances in the field of plastic surgery mean you can stop, or even reverse the signs of ageing as soon as they appear, without major invasive surgery.

New Facilities Provide Ultimate Cosmetic Surgical Experience

New state-of-the-art facilities combine luxury and comfort with the ultimate cosmetic surgical experience.  Dr Greg Taylor's plastic surgical practice is pleased to announce the grand opening of their new upgraded facility. 

2013-reception 2013-patient-room


Symmetry in human form is unusual. Eyelids are almost always asymmetrical, breasts are almost always asymmetrical and one of the plastic surgeons jobs is to try to improve symmetry which is one of the most important criteria for beauty.


Overnight Unit - Boutique Hospital

We are excited to bring you several changes to 122 Remuera Road in the next couple of months. Firstly we would like to introduce the lovely Dr Stephanie Ulma, who will be working with us as a general surgeon and who is starting up a woman's clinic in our premises. She will cater to all women's surgeries, including issues with obesity and breast augmentation and reconstruction.

Secondly we are thrilled to be opening our new overnight unit at 122 Remuera Road which will mean that you no longer have to go to other hospitals for any major surgeries that require overnight care. We will have our own facilities on site with our own special nurses to cater to all your needs.

We look forward to welcoming you when we open our new fabulous upgraded facilities.
At this stage we expect to be ready to go at the end of July.